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NASS-New Amsterdam Subculture Sounds


Über das Event:

SubCulture [System] is an Augsburg based Soundsystem which arose from a group of friends sharing their passion for sound and music. Their main focus is set on providing musical journeys through a variety of genres and playing them on their own handcrafted soundsystem. The bandwidth of styles is spread throughout jamaican, african, south american and european bass culture. Together mit Nikodemus and Martikal they will bring you finest tunes from UK Grime to D'n'B, Dub, Jungle and Dubstep. Since their own Soundsystem can't fit in there, we'll have to settle with Unter Deck's own stereo equipment, which is more than enough! 22:00 - 23:30: Nikodemus 23:30 - 01:00: Martikal 01:00 - End: SubCulture Soundsystem (SimSonido b2b NKJ